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Carvers Donate Eagle Cane Toppers for Veterans

Christian H Ziegler | Published on 5/21/2023

Eagle Heads to be donated for Veterans Canes

Woodchucks  and some other Carvers produced nine Eagle Cane Toppers. These are for canes being built by Dale Pappas for Veterans.  This was completed over three days - May 16 to 18th in Paul Volpp's studio. The  instructor was the renowned Pat Moore. Click link below to see more about Pat.
Pat Moore's on-line Bio
We began the class with roughcuts of the eagle head. The first two days was carving the features - lots of feathers - but the eye was the toughest.
The last day was painting, lots of painting! Thank God Pat was there to help us every step of the way!
A special thnaks to Paul Volpp for not only for sponsoring the class but for the use of his studio & hospitality during the event.

Three of us took photos - here are links to the albums.
Carving an Eagle Cane Topper

Carving Eagle Cane Topper Class

Photos at Eagle Head Carving Class