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Shop's Drum Sander Maintenance requirements

Christian H Ziegler | Published on 4/3/2023

On March 28, Gene Welch wrote

Hi Christian, 2 weeks ago I tried to use the drum sander to prepare some stock for my scroll saw SIG.  It was not operating satisfactorily.  The conveyer built was slipping causing the wood to get burn marks and uneven sanding.  After examining the conveyor built I discovered that at least 2 of the 4 brass bushings supporting the drive rod and the tensioning rod were severely worn causing the issues with the conveyor belt.  Ed Campau was on site and we looked up the parts in the manual and I volunteered to order them.  

After finding the lowest priced original parts I ordered them and they arrived yesterday.  I installed them yesterday afternoon and it seems to be operating okay now.  Thought you might want to give a little shout out to any of our members who have drum sanders at home to check their bearings and maybe add a little oil to them.  One of the bearings is hidden under the motor mount and not easily accessible.


Taking too deep ff a pass through the sander could have added extra stress to the bearings causing premature failure, but the machine is not very young either.


I texted you a couple of photos to go with this dialogue if you want to use them.

Here is link to more photos
Drum Sander Maintenance