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Reno Earth Day April 22nd

Christian H Ziegler | Published on 3/21/2023
Reno Earth Day - Saturday, April 22nd - Idlewild Park, Reno

Woodchucks will have a presence at the Reno Earth Celebrations on April 22nd with a table at Idelwild Par, Reno. Here is link to event in our calendar. Reno Earth Day - 4/22/2023
John Hasnau is coordinating the event. Here is his report:

This appears to be fairly well organized….

We are already in with 2 10 x x10s and space between so there is ample room for “artists” to show and help with this.  I think we need to “set up” 8:30-9:30 AM. 

As stated last night the 4B’s will be the focus, repurposing of wood for Bird, Bee, Butterfly and Bat houses for the club sales and then individual artist’s can bring their art to sell as well. There is no percentage that is being taken, but I would like to suggest some monies from personal sales come back to the club (this is also a great selling point to customers….).

Here is a link to Great American Craft Fairs web page about the event:
Earth Day Sponsor web page

Here is a link to the park web page
Idelwild Park webpage