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VA Class Trial Run

Mary Sedgwick | Published on 1/23/2023
News Article VA Trial Run

KUDOS - JOB WELL DONE WOODCHUCKS!!! Thank you so much to those who did prep-work for and helped with the first VA class this past Wednesday. This class was for 4 VA employees: 3 veterans and 1 civilian, 2 female and 2 male. Comments were very positive all the way around and it was especially rewarding to hear Woodchucks' talk about their mentoring experiences.    Click for Photo Album VA Class Trial Run  


Our next class will be Tuesday from 1-4pm (but please arrive early). This class will be with VA veterans (patients). We will have 4 female and 2 male veterans. We probably will finish by 3-ish but we built in an extra hour just in case.


For Tuesday's class, we will have these Woodchucks: Dale, Tom. Russ, Todd, Christian, Paul, Terry, Gary, and me. Rod may come if he's feeling better. Charles is on prep-work. John, Ken and Bette won't be there.


The assignments and project will be the same for this class. Christian will drill some holes for bench dogs to hold down sides for chiseling. Todd will use a smaller router bit so that less material is removed. Dale will be one-on-one with a vet and will also collect data. If Rod is absent, then I will be one-on-one.


I am so very much looking forward to our Tuesday class (1/24 from 1-4pm). I also want to apologize for not emailing you sooner with kudos but my husband had a surgical procedure yesterday and post-op this morning.


Take care, Mary