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Annual Meeting: Todd Willliams Re-elected as President

Christian H Ziegler | Published on 1/8/2023
The Annual Membership Meeting began 6pm on Saturday January 7, 2023 with 40 members and their guest in attendance.
The President (Todd Williams) opened the meeting with the Secretary declaring a quorum of members for the officer elections and a quorum of voting members of the Board of Directors.
Todd followed the agenda as prescribed by the By-Laws. This included the reading of the last board meeting minutes which was approved at the meeting by the voting members of the board.
Todd cover numerous topics about the past year - which will be covered in a soon to be released Presidents message.
Officer Elections
The President executed the last agenda item by calling for a secret vote for new officers by members in attendance. With 30 votes cast, the new elected officers are:
Todd Williams, President; Dale Hodes, Vice Present;  John Hasnau, Treasurer; and  Christian Ziegler, Secretary
See Officer photo and contact information here:  2023 Officers

Five Voting Members Named
After the election,  Todd Williams obtained unanimous approval among the new officers to appoint five voting members of the board.  This also in accordance with the By Laws. These are:
Ed Campau; Paul Cox; Ruth Gault; Russ Lambert; and Julia Tachihara.
See all Board Voting members' photo and contact information here: Board Voting Members

2023 Annual Memberhip Meeting