Lathe SIG - Wood Turning Practice

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The Lathe SIGs meets officially twice during each month.


    • donohue7The Lathe Techniques SIG meets on the Tuesday following the second Thursday of each month.
    • The Lathe Application Sig is held on the following Tuesday.

Be sure to check the club calendar first.

Click here for a map to the clubhouse. 

Woodturning Links

Spindle Gouge Template  Bowl Gouge Template 
Inlaid Bottle Stoppers Turning Green Wood Bowls
Steve Russel's Woodturning Tips Library Golden Mean Presentation
Woodturning Safety Document


100 2502At the April Lathe Sig we turned pens, lots of pens! Russ lead a large group of eager turners in making a pen, in some cases their first pen.

Jim Allen displayed the racing car we plan to make next month. Also the little drivers painted by Maria Rosas.

Next Tuesday night, the pen making continues with Russ showing us how to prep pen blanks for turning.

20140318 200317This month the lathe SIG is making baloon segmented ornaments for sale at the Reno Baloon Races.

Gary Raines figured out the cutting plans and our SIG members spent this first session cutting and gluing.

Next week we plan to turn these glue-ups into saleable ornaments.

Raffan videoHere is a short video of Richard Raffan demonstrating why various lathe tools get catches.
More important, he shows how to avoid these.

Thanks to Dave Hunter for this link.

WandsAt the first February Lathe SIG we began makig Harry Potter Wands for the 2014 Toy Distribution program. We will store them at the clubhouse in a container and finish them all at some point later.

Click on the image above for an article on making wands and wand design suggestions.

Our goal this year is to produce 100 Harry Potter Wands for the kids.

  • GenieBottle
  • african_wood_carved_genie_bottle
  • gauthier-Genie

This is a blog article created to test out the lathe SIG. The above are gallery image thumbnails

Above are genie bottles


Click read More to see more Genie bottles