Both April 2015 Lathe SIGs were devoted to the subject of hollowing on the wood lathe.

Wishbone TN 50At the April 14 SIG, Tom Doud and Joe Donohue brought in a broad range of hollowing tools, ranging from the basic "David Ellsworth" thick borng bar with cutters on the end to the elaborate torque contained systems that use square and round 3/4" steel bars. The bars fit into a slide mounted on the lathe bed. Joe and Tom demonstrated a product of ther own design, the Wishbone Hollowing Tool made by our friend Ron Burdg of Sierra Mold in Carson City. Everyone attending the SIG was invited to try out the Wishbones in action on the 2 PowerMatic lathes in the clubhouse. The Wishbone tool is effective to about 7" - 7 1/2" deep over the tool rest.

The Wishbone Tool is priced at $65.00 plus $5.00 for the small HSS 3/16" cutter. The larger HSS 3/4" scraper cutter is priced at $25.00.
Contact Joe (775-387-0123) if you are interested in purchasing a Wishbone Hollowing Tool. You will also need to make or purchase a handle.

Snake Slide100At the April 21 SIG, Gary Raines began with an interesting PowerPoint presentation on his procedure for hollowing green wood. That full presentation is available by clicking HERE.  Following the presentation, Gary demonstrated the Snake Hollowing Tool, also made by Ron Burdg of Carson City.Gary began with a fresh cut wood blank wrapped in plastic to control the drying and also to prevent spraying water all over the place. The Snake is an ingenious device that makes hollowing possible to about 12" over the tool rest.

The Hollowing Snake Tool is priced at $375.00 plus $60.00 for a square broached head plus $5.00 for a 3/16" cutter. No handle necessary. Contact Ron Burdg (775-882-3500) for further information on the Snake and many other neat turning tools.